Rebecca Fin Simonetti

Born in Vancouver, Toronto-based artist Rebecca Fin Simonetti earned her BFA from OCADU. Fin’s practice is defined by the fluidity with which she moves between disciplines, and the core aesthetic language that she uses across desperate materials. From traditional drawing to digital collage, music, and installation, Fin uses work in one medium as research to foster work in another.

Fin has received numerous awards across mediums, including the Donna MacLean Award and The Eric Freifeld Award for painting. Her work in film has garnered international acclaim, including ‘Best Experimental Film’ at Cascadia, and ‘Best Drama’ at Burbank International. Her work is collected by Hart House, has been exhibited at Doris McCarthy Gallery, for which she received an OAC Exhibition grant. Although Toronto is now Fin’s home base, she often takes her practice to residencies or on tour. Last August, Fin was invited to participate in a fully funded residency in southeastern China.

Artist Statement

An illusion by which we can become more real

Ben Okri, Mental Fight

My work is a glimpse into the world of girlhood — the secret epistemology of girlhood, the subtle magic realism and personal psychedelia of the internal realm.

Within the toxic and enchanting culture surrounding young women, illusion serves the construction of identity and as a coping mechanism — a way to defend the self against destructive realities.

I approach fantastical and real elements with equal weight and total sincerity. This allows me to recognize visceral plasticity between the imaginary and the real — to acknowledge the strange light that is cast by the one’s internal lens. The outcome is not an expression of surrealism, but an assertion that experiences of the so-called “outside” world are as emotional, weird, and difficult to determine as they seem.

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