Margaux Smith

Using methodologies of collage, abrasion (palm sanding, hand sanding, rubbing), oil glazing and layering Smith is developing a syntax of painting that illustrates human conditions of devotion, dependence and precariousness. The process of layering and uncovering fragments from previous paintings serves as a meditation on the density of human experience, and a relationship to memory and history — both within the actual object and within a symbolic visual language with has a foot in the past and a foot in the future. The surfaces of Smith’s paintings accumulate a succession of decisions, each decision is important and yields different results: the shifting of minor variables such as the size or texture of a brush or the curve of a line I cut alter the future of my paintings in unimaginable ways. Reference to art history allows Smith to establish a clearer perspective of time, related to the current moment in which she finds herself.

Exhibitions at LE