The Malfunction of a Place

The Malfunction of a Place

Patrick Staheli

From September 15th to October 1st
Opening September 15th, 2006 from 7-10pm

New Drawings and Paintings by Patrick Staheli

Artist's Statement

“The drawings and paintings I’ve made recently are investigations of jumbled logic. I use clean, hardedge elements pulled from modernist architecture and industrial design. But the forms always end up distorted, fragmented, overlapped and confused. Irrationality is presented as rationality.

The drawings contain a repetitive vocabulary of forms, like an allusive visual code. Natural forms are depicted as though awkwardly translated into industrial or digital representational modes. Schematic figures (often lacking faces) imply absence as much as presence, and setting is hinted at but never firmly established. The drawings never manage to escape their own interior, mental, virtual territory.

The paintings refer to modernist social ideals and structures that are now passed their prime; the paintings are a way of taking these old ideals, shaking them up and tearing them to bits in the remote hope that they will eventually coalesce into something usable.”