• Shawn Kuruneru
  • Jimmy Limit
  • Jesse Harris
From January 24th to February 25th
Opening January 26th, 2007 from 7-10pm

Born out of reactions to contemporary art making practices and the influence of production methods past and present Shangri-Lost brings together drawings, photographs and text based works on various media by three talented young artists.

The work of Shawn Kuruneru, rendered in ball point pen and ink brush blends influences as diverse as the Royal Family to Film Noir staging. Executed with a feathered touch the drawings are at the same time delicate and powerful, pulling on diverse sets of references to form single tableaus.

Influenced by death metal, horror movies, ultra violence and nature, Jimmy Limit's photographs draw upon a sense of arrested development. His ongoing series "kill ur parnts" concentrates on wayward adolescence, offering a phantasmagoric depiction of juvenile isolation. Images of homemade weapons and portraits taken in the midst of smoke bombs evoke compassion for those left bored and alone. Halfway between documentary and staged narratives, Jimmy Limit captures the undertones of isolation and disconnection blazing through the field of photography by a new generation of young artists.

Jesse Harris employs letterpress and text based methods of production to reflect the era of bygone job-printing, which lends the work a visual confidence that both asks and declares "Please listen to me".

The text work in Shangri-Lost, largely slogans, are intended to operate within the territory shared between institutional signage, which directs one through a given space, often dictating THE RULES of excepted and expected behaviour, and the antithesis found on the desks of a classroom or a bathroom wall. Both often claim declarative statements, as they communicate in a reciprocal dialogue of Us vs. Them where each response maintains to have THE right answer.

Together these three artists offer a refreshingly youthful take on the interests of a new generation of artists itching to build the history which while follow in the contemporary art world.