Mighty Magnificence

Mighty Magnificence

Brendan Flanagan

From July 4th to July 29th
Opening July 6th, 2007 from 7-10pm

LE is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of recent OCAD graduate and emerging artist Brendan Flanagan. Featuring waterfalls, battleships, mountains, and tourists as subject matter, Flanagans application of poured and pulled paint provides us a glimpse of epic landscapes through the eyes of a young contemporary artist.

Beginning his paintings by pouring large amounts of paint onto boards laid on the floor the images of Flanagan's work are dripped, manipulated, and pulled across the surface of the board. The picture, once dry, is then further worked with more controlled painting methods to tighten the image and bring it closer towards figuration. A recent graduate from the Drawing and Painting program at OCAD Flanagan is arguably one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the program in the past few years.

Artist Statement

The imagery I work with, taken from art history, film, and travel brochures is concerned with the Romantic landscape. It is dominated by images that have been repeated so often they have become clichés of beauty or the sublime. The poet Novalis defined Romanticism as the process of “investing the commonplace with a lofty significance, the ordinary with a mysterious aspect, the familiar with the prestige of the unfamiliar, the finite with the semblance of infinity.”