Oh Eight!

Oh Eight!

  • Chris Lee
  • Takashi Iwasaki
  • Joyce Lau
  • Lee Tiffany
From February 1st to February 24th
Opening February 1st, 2008 from 7-10pm

Join LE Gallery for an exhibition of work by four emerging artists from Toronto and Winnipeg.

Takashi Iwasaki

Takashi Iwasaki brings a delicate and colourful approach to the construction of his paintings, drawings and collages. Having grown up in Japan and transplanted to Winnipeg Manitoba to pursue his BFA, Iwasaki’s work has developed into a personal exploration of the impact his visual memory from Japan brings to the experience of viewing Canadian culture and art making practice. Kaleidoscopic in his colour use, Iwasaki employs a broad range of materials and supports throughout his practice. Pulling shapes and colours from fashion, advertising and daily life the playfulness in his work displays a reflection not only the environments we operate in but also in the power of colour to shift and express emotions.

Lee Tiffany

Lee Tiffany is a fourth Year drawing and Painting student at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Tiffany explores character based art in his portraits of germ and cloud creatures. Crafting his work with mylar and spray paint, his textures, colours, and treatments strike a chord with contemporary illustration and fine art practices.

Chris Lee

Chris Lee is a Designer/illustrator based in Toronto Ontario. Lee’s design/art based practice uses humour and inspirations from mass and popular culture in forming works that viewers immediately recognize and react to. The Google Earth/Google images projects looks at the structure of Googles massive universe and the models it uses for sorting and categorizing images and resources.

Joyce Lau

Joyce Lau is a graduate of the Image Arts program at Ryerson and is based in Toronto. Lau’s practice includes diverse materials and processes and LE is pleased to be presenting recent cutout’s from an ongoing project. Often inspired by icons in contemporary clture, Lau’s cut outs often subvert both the source material and the material used in production.