Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity

Tristram Lansdowne

From September 5th to September 21st
Opening September 5th, 2008 from 7-10pm

Tristram Lansdowne, a recent graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, observes the evolution and decay of our urban environments through his intricate watercolour studies. Intensely rendered graffiti and the uncovering of underground structures reveal a contemplative look at the contemporary environment on the verge of disintegration and reintegration. Structural Integrity marks Lansdowne’s first Toronto exhibition with LE Gallery.

Artist Statement

“Tristram Lansdowne’s paintings question ideas of permanence and function inherent in our constructed environments. Outmoded 20th century architectural ideas mix with present day urban environments in delicately painted watercolours, depicting incongruous, mysterious structures. The stark order and function of Adolf Loos mingles with Friedensreich Hurndertwasser’s do-it-yourself no-straight-lines mandate; logic combines with absurdity, not unlike most architectural manifestoes. Decaying, graffiti-covered buildings are not what they first seem, the foundations of the buildings exposed to reveal underground doorways and ancient ruins. Homemade structures teeter on the verge of collapse, beautiful in their futility.”