Globface Shapeshifters and the Rest of the Gang

Globface Shapeshifters and the Rest of the Gang

Lee Tiffany

From March 4th to March 29th
Opening March 13th, 2009 from 7-10pm

As the carcasses leftover from the Mass Plague begin to decompose, the death debris of a past civilization brings life to the previously inanimate cloud structures that supported the creatures as a homeland. The Globface Shapeshifters (a traveling series of a mouth and eyes), faced with the realization of being the only creatures left in this now desolate world, began their ascent higher into the atmosphere in search of new life and a new habitat. “Globface Shapeshifters and the Rest of the Gang” marks Lee Tiffany’s first solo exhibition with LE Gallery, and marks the beginning of an expedition in search of other creatures and organisms in the universe.

Exploring forms and colours often associated with grafitti and street art, Tiffany’s practice positions itself in between many fine artists and artists currently making the transition from street practice to gallery practice. Aligned closer to the character based art movement lead by artists such as Dalek, KAWS, and Nicholas Di Genova, Tiffany’s approach is informed by the influence of early 90’s animation for characters like Earthworm Jim and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Drawing from his contemporary culture, Tiffany absorbs and exploits the techniques used by animators and the promotional entities that establish iconic images for their characters, appropriating Disney Paint Chips in to the Death Destroyer Crew and a slew of colour paths observed from Saturday Morning Cartoons. Through developing a genealogy of characters which exist and explore the gaseous zones of the universe’s various atmospheres marks themes of civilization, scientific adaptation and evolution, and the effects of war.

Lee Tiffany is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, his work has been featured in group shows in Toronto and Globface Shapeshifters and the Rest of the Gang marks his first solo exhibition with LE Gallery.