Spleen and Ideal

Spleen and Ideal

Katie Pretti

From September 11th to October 5th
Opening September 11th, 2009 from 7-10pm

LE Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of new works on canvas and paper from Canadian artist Katie Pretti. “Death and debauch, life despite darkness, the influence of the imagined, remembering the bad with the good, and nightmares come true come” form the core of this body of work inspired by Baudelaire, Bacon, and the interdependence of beauty and the macabre. Personal observation informs her exploration of complex emotional dichotomies as Pretti’s work filters and mirrors the sensations and discomforts of emotional and physical experience. Ennui is a partner, not as an oppressive boredom but as a vexing catalyst, fueling a search through the depths of horror and sadness to find the sisters to beauty and bliss. Loaded with richness in pigment and an intentionality in mark-making, Pretti’s works appear seductive and alluring and continue to assert to the viewer an understanding of the inextricable connection between the light and the dark.

Two Good Sisters

Debauch and Death are two amiable sisters, prodigal of kisses and in blooming health, whose raggedly clothed, still virgin loins, though eternally laboring, have never given birth.

To the poet – sinister, enemy of families, hell’s favourite, ill-paid courtier – graveyards and brothels display in their bowers a bed unvisited by remorse.

Coffin and bedroom, prolific in blasphemies, offer us in turn – like two good sisters – terrible pleasures and hideous delights.

When will you bury me, foul-fingered Debauch? O Death, her charming rival, when will you come to graft onto her stinking myrtles your black cypress?

Charles Baudelaire

Katie Bond Pretti is a Toronto based artist who is interested in the ability to employ the formal concerns of line and colour to achieve narrative in semi-abstracted form. Pretti’s ability to harness the visceral impact of emotions is reflected in her frenetic style of markmaking on both paper and canvas. Informed by a rich history of predecessors in the field of abstract expressionism, Pretti adds her distinct exploration of human experience and emotions through her studio practice. A graduate of the Printmaking Department of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Pretti maintains a practice that explores printmaking, drawing, and painting.

Pretti released her first publication, a book entitled Sonority of Words, which was launched in Toronto by Art Metropole, featured at the 2007 NYC Art Book Fair, and subsequently added to the collection of The National Gallery of Canada. Her work is found in major Canadian private collections. Pretti is represented in Toronto by LE Gallery. Her works in ink, oil, watercolour, and graphite have been exhibited at Galerie Simon Blais in Montreal, Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art in Toronto, and Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery in Vancouver. Her work has been featured in Elle Canada, Fashion Magazine, Canadian House and Home, as well being featured in major national ad campaigns coinciding with the Toronto International Film Festival.

Previews will be held September 8th-11th

For previews and inquiries please contact Director, Wil Kucey at 416.532.8467 or wil@le-gallery.ca