Swallowed Words

Swallowed Words

Sam Lamb

From May 6th to May 31st
Opening May 8th, 2009 from 7-10pm

Stamps. Linen. Embroidery. Dolls. And a handful of dirty thoughts.

Modern life is not easy for today’s working mother. The daily struggle to balance full-time employment while raising children inevitably takes its toll on a woman’s personal identity. Using domestic materials and handcrafts, Lamb explores this struggle by setting up marked contrasts between material and message. Inappropriate sexual desires are delicately spelled out on dolls, while traditional samplers reveal weighty confessions in place of the expected motivational Psalms.

Reclaiming these materials and crafts as a canvas for expression while carefully respecting their history and practice is at the core of the current movement towards a New Domesticity. Swallowed Words places Lamb’s work within this larger dialogue, and reveals a new opportunity for domestic materials to communicate modern issues of identity.