Bikini Beach Tango

Bikini Beach Tango

Craig Porter

From April 28th to May 30th
Opening April 30th, 2010 from 7-10pm

Bikini Beach Tango explores the legacy and irony of the atom bomb in the present post cold war world and into the unforeseeable future. The bomb has contributed to our evolution and revolutions, while shadowing generations with fear and propaganda about the possibility of apocalypse, nuclear winters and horrible monstrous mutations.

Porter embraces and plays with the myths, history and the continuously unfolding story of events such as the use of the Bikini Atolls for the testing of nuclear weapons starting in the 1940s. He explores the loss of meaning on personal and larger mythic levels and investigates the evolution and mutation of the natural world in spite of the destructive folly of humans.

This show of sculptural works documents a short vacation to a small set of islands within Porter’s Archipelago Series, while continuing to trace Man’s inevitable and passionate death dance through our paradise – Earth.