Light Behind and Beneath

Light Behind and Beneath

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino

From November 3rd to November 21st
Opening November 5th, 2010 from 7-10pm

Adopting methods of mimicry, Light Behind and Beneath captures and illustrates an object’s surface in unsuspecting materials, as it may exist in a moment of time and characterized lighting. Nine new sculptural works composed and compiled of planes, facets, cones and spheres describe the way in which we perceive the path of light moving across an object.

Referring to the forms of sundials, instruments using the position of the sun to measure time, simple geometric shapes sculpted in wood and plaster become indicators casting a shadow. Graphite is used in another form of mimicry to allude to the texture of marble, a material that we attribute strength and permanence. These geometric forms share a likeness to the time telling ability of the style of a sundial, an obstruction of light; while the supporting steel mount captures the imprint of the object’s shadow at a particular time of the day and a particular day of the year. Accompanied by a suite of sun bleached newsprint, coloured by exposure to the sun, exploring the detail of scientific illustrations of crystallography.

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino is a graduate of Ryerson University. Sciarrino has been included in exhibitions at Narwhal Art and Projects, Mercer Union and has upcoming exhibitions at the Power Plant and Harbourfront Center. Her work has been reviewed in C Magazine and Canadian Art.

This exhibition is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.