Go Into the Deep Forest

Go Into the Deep Forest

Mitsuo Kimura

From July 20th to August 14th
Opening July 22nd, 2011 from 7-10pm

“Life is like a walk into the deep forest. Our lives are very unclear and there are many obstacles. However, we are expected to see not only beautiful small flowers (such as friends) but dangerous animals (like enemies) on the way to achieve the goal as well.”

~ Mitsuo Kimura

Following up on Kimura’s solo exhibition Life in the Pond, in which the artist illuminated the connection between his Buddhist roots and the experience of his new country, Go Into the Deep Forest extends the exploration of relating to oneself and others. Japanese born Kimura paints works inspired by his upbringing surrounded by the thriving Japanese anime and cartoon industry. With staggering technical detail and an intensity of image rarely seen in the work of Western artists, Kimura captures a collision of Eastern and Western notions of life and how we navigate through its varied meanings. The Deep Forest has come to represent the theatre of Kimura’s experience, one which he moves through assigning meaning and importance to the interactions replayed at the end of the day. A way to visually define the emotions hard to express in his recently acquired English language, Kimura’s works explore doubt, fear, anticipation, and experience in an eloquent and arresting approach.