Objects of Value

Objects of Value

Adam Matak

From November 2nd to November 27th
Opening November 4th, 2011 from 7-10pm

Adam Matak’s Objects of Value can be read in multiple ways. The series literally depicts objects of value: printed money, the quintessential objectification of economic value, whilst also engaging with objects of value in a cultural sense. But it also invites reflection on the cultural and historical value of paper money at a contemporary moment when the transfer of money is largely virtual.

The exploration of paper money as a historical and cultural object is encouraged by the taxonomical display strategy of the bills and varied isolated elements through their various permutations over a 30-year period. The drawings are meticulously rendered using everyday BIC pens. Thus the material mirrors the ubiquity and even banality of the show’s thematic content whilst evoking a similar reconsideration of the relationship between the seemingly banal and the beautiful.

Though trained as a printmaker, Adam Matak uses paint, markers and ball point pens to achieve the graphic aesthetic of print. Major themes that have consistently run through his work have been: reception, connectivity an historical narratives that connect us. Matak has been exhibited in both private and public galleries throughout Ontario and is collected locally and internationally. He has been published in Art Works, a Canadian art history textbook, and reviewed in The National Post, The Globe & Mail and Blog TO.