After Wolves

After Wolves

Matt Bahen

From March 2nd to April 1st
Opening March 2nd, 2012 from 7-10pm

Intensely wrought works on canvas speak to the duality of mankind’s nature, in After Wolves, powerhouse Toronto based artist Matt Bahen’s first solo exhibition with LE Gallery. Lonely interiors and barren landscapes are activated by the presence of canines, here as a proxy for human experience, instilling a sense of a quiet dissonance. Bahen’s paintings continue in the vein of a legacy of Canadian landscape painters, finding inspiration in the rich omnipresent Canadian Wilderness. Matt Bahen is recognized for his human scale works on canvas, as well as the use of a thick and heavily applied impasto technique, emphasizing the visceral quality of the delivery and subject. One of Canada’s most engaging young painters, Bahen’s work continues to grow in profile, having exhibited in Toronto, New York, Alabama and Massachusetts.

A catalogue accompanies the exhibition and is available by request.

Please contact gallery director Wil Kucey at 416.532.8467, or for previews and inquiries.