Let it it Be

Let it it Be

Tom Ngo

From July 4th to July 29th
Opening July 6th, 2012 from 7-10pm

In his second solo show at LE Gallery, Tom Ngo continues to expand on his ideas on the architectural absurd. In this new series, Ngo focuses on the theme of redundancy as the main thrust of his new structural follies. By taking typical buildings, embellishing and repeating elements, Ngo blurs and alters the purpose of the original structure. This act of creating redundancy is, for Ngo, a means of fracturing the familiar.

In the exhibition, Let It It Be, Ngo treads the fine line between the regular and the peculiar. Producing his absurd structures by transforming the ordinary, Ngo reveals a unique perspective of the normal and implores that the ordinary should not be left undisturbed at the risk of being redundant. Including both drawings on paper and sculptural works, Ngo brings together two elements of his ongoing interest in pursuing his artistic practice.

After receiving his Masters of Architecture at Carleton University, and taking a position with the respected architecture firm of Moriyama & Teshima, Ngo committed to an artistic pursuit of the act of drawing. Ngo’s fascination with dissecting and analyzing the current buildings we operate in started out as an exploration to better understand their purpose. Firmly based in architectural principles, Ngo now pushes the rules and order of his acquired experience to explore the depths and possibilities of absurdity within our built environment. Interested in bridging the mind of the designer and the spirit of the artist, Ngo explores his subjects from a unique perspective.