Pilot X: Death in the City

Pilot X: Death in the City

From August 23rd to September 1st
Opening August 23rd, 2012 from 7-10pm

In order to be a healthy city we must live with mortality. Death should not be abject or relegated to a place beyond and separate from the living. We should have contact with the dead because death has the power to humanize cityscapes. For it’s tenth publication Pilot has taken a side step from pocket books of illustrated stories in order to celebrate the City and the artists who live and die here. By teaming up with Guest editor and curator Amanda Nedham Pilot was able to explore a new form where the reader can engage with 21 artists’ and writers’ figurative, architectural, and impressionist visions of urban death.

“Strategically dealing with the density of a rapidly growing population is often not pretty, and things are inevitably lost. As [Cities are] caught in a whirlwind of expansion I wonder about the potential for the slowless of death to take an active role in shaping how we connect to the city we live in, past, present and future.” - Amanda Nedham

Braden Labonte appears courtesy of Katzman Kamen Gallery.

Derek Liddington appears courtesy of Daniel Faria Gallery.

Jamiyla Lowe appears courtesy of Narwhal.

Lisa Neighbour appears courtesy of Katharine Mulherin Art and Projects.