Striking Fire Out Of the Rock

Striking Fire Out Of the Rock

Matt Bahen

From November 7th to December 1st
Opening November 7th, 2013 from 6-9pm

A white noise pervades the work of Matt Bahen which is both caustic and consoling. In that noise, if literarily minded, we find physical and emotional parallel with the works of Cormac McCarthy. A relentless stacking of words and words with little pause. In those words, and in these marks, there is the sublimity of human suffering: a cataloguing of endurance and calamity.

Bahen’s paintings are a vessel holding uncertain hope, not a memento of place. He should not be mistaken for documenter or historian. Questions regarding the nature of man, and what the nature of the world has to say about man guide Bahen.

Striking Fire Out of the Rock marks Canadian painter Matt Bahen’s second solo exhibition with LE Gallery. Bahen has become known for his unique and singular approach to painting contemporary landscape. Heavily impastoed surfaces and a human scale emphasize the visceral nature of his subject matter. Bahen has exhibited locally and internationally with recent solo exhibitions at the MacLaren Centre for the Arts in Barrie Ontario, and at Munch Gallery in New York City.