Benevolent Core / Comet Chaser

Benevolent Core / Comet Chaser

  • Aidan Whitworth
  • Mark Carlson
From April 3rd to April 12th
Opening April 3rd, 2014 from 6-9pm

Benevolent Core

Aidan Whitworth

The collection of work by Aidan Whitworth entitled Benevolent Core deals with tampered messages, prescribed perspectives, and multiple ‘truths’. Raw data is extracted and refined, and ultimately filtered, allowing only one acceptable interpretation. Narratives are formed in layers and subsequently censored, and the pieces gesture toward the challenges faced by those attempting to peel back the layers and expose alternate forms of truth or knowledge.

Comet Chaser

Lynden Mark Carlson

The perplexing secular-religious affairs in the West and the relationship between language and geography collapse into one another in this work. It seems that these societal attributes — where we are, how and what we communicate, and the forces shaping our values — are at a crux in Canada. This leaves the Christian institution in limbo, but also with a great opportunity to understand itself in the position it was meant for: kneeling.