Tristram Lansdowne

From June 4th to June 28th
Opening June 4th, 2014 from 6-9pm

Contractions confronts the Romantic pursuit of capturing atmospheric phenomena in watercolour with a compromised vista. Truncations, condensations, contractions of landscape appear. Clouds congeal and disperse. An instability between vision and void. Comprised of small-scale watercolours on paper, this new body of work investigates ideas of representation and illusionistic space via the impulse to anthropomorphize our surroundings, to project our desires and fears onto the physical world around us.

Continuing Lansdowne's interest in absurdity and literalism, the landscape as metaphor for the body and vice versa both take a wrong turn, become unsettling and bent. Combining elements of precision with a more painterly approach, smooth washes of individual pigments are applied and manipulated while wet. At once improvisatory and methodical, this process forms an image over many layers and is followed with detailed brushwork to create a delicate, hallucinatory field of vision.

Lansdowne (CDN b.1983) is recognized as one of Canada’s top watercolour based fine artists. Lansdowne continues his investigation of landscape and architecture in relation to ideas of permanence and function. Lansdowne holds a BFA from OCADU, and has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. Lansdowne was short listed for the RBC Painting Competition in 2012. Lansdowne’s work has been exhibited at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, The Mendel Art Gallery, and the Boston Centre for the Arts. Work is held in many private collections as well as the collections of The National Gallery of Canada, The TD Bank Collection and the RBC Collection.