New Works

New Works

From June 4th to June 20th
Opening June 4th, 2015 from 6-9pm

LE Gallery is pleased to present a collection of works from new artists to the gallery.

Jan Ollner, Megan Ellen Macdonald and Shogo Okada bring together recent works from the studio in the form of both paintings and print.

Committed to the exhibition of work from a wide range of artists, LE Gallery continues to seek out the most intriguing and relevant artists working in studios today.

Ollner, MacDonald and Okada all pursue different paths in terms of content and imagery but their shared sense of exploration in the studio comes through in considering them side by side.

Megan Ellen MacDonald, a true millennial, blends pre-modernist oil painting traditions with the world of contemporary culture and kitsch. Known for her paintings of cats, clouds and ceramic figurines, MacDonald pauses for us, the onslaught of media images and faux nostalgia. While exploring themes of childhood, femininity and fantasy, MacDonald’s work also connects to conversations related to realism, romanticism, and neoclassical painting. MacDonald received her BFA from OCADU in 2013 and has exhibited in Toronto and Montreal.

Shogo Okada, born in Japan, and eagerly transitioning to life in Canada, arrived 4our years ago with his unique prints exploring the world of graphic comics and animated television series. Drawing from an array of sources, including Peanuts, Curious George, and Phineas and Ferb among others, Okada hand draws, cuts, rearranges and prints graphic elements lifted from these series. While both a formal and technical exploration of his material process and content, the resulting work has a strong minimalist impact, utilizing strong fields of colour with familiar elements shifting locations through a body of work. Okada’s work is a fascinating glimpse into the considerations of an artist born and raised in the hyper-pop world of Japan. Okada manages to establish a connection between the state of contemporary comics and animation with a nod to the histories and ethos of both minimalism and pop art.

Jan Ollner, a painter based in Toronto Ontario explores the visual potential of figuration and abstraction. Ollner approaches painting with an intent to intervene, obfuscate, and distill his source images and negotiate the delicate balance he seeks. By treading a line in the studio between dissolution and resolution Ollner seeks a way to allow the subject matter of the paintings to become symbols or archetypes which reflect the psychology of human experience. The latest body of works are an exploration of this struggle to find solutions in the studio. Ollner holds a BFA from Concordia University.