Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies

  • Aaron Hill
  • Cory Ferfuson
  • Christina Hock
  • Yann Black
  • Beau Geaunin
  • Sean Cushnie
  • Chris Hall
  • Lizzie Renaud
From June 25th to July 18th
Opening June 25th, 2015 from 6-9pm

One day, years from now, humanity will plunge into the depths of space. From one galaxy to the next, we’ll need some new tattoos to commemorate the journey.

Perhaps today, we can begin to imagine what that new folk language will look like—for Aaron Hill, founder and curator of the upcoming group show Celestial Bodies, that’s what it’s all about.

Just as sailors once adorned their bodies with anchors, nautical stars, and sparrows representing different milestones and superstitions, the space explorers of tomorrow will search for similar representations—what kind of tattoo will represent an astronaut’s first voyage to Mars, to Pluto, or past the Kuiper Belt? The first time someone travels at the speed of light? To mourn the death of a shipmate while en route to Gliese 667?

Celestial Bodies hopes to imagine a new language created by tattooers, to commemorate humankind’s desire to push the limits of space exploration. Featuring the original artwork of over 50 tattooers from around the world, Celestial Bodies will showcase talent and imagination that speaks to those of us with a keen interest in folk art, tattoo design, science fiction, and the final frontier.

Celestial Bodies is coordinated by Aaron Hill, a Toronto based Tattoo artist working out of the Speakeasy Tattoo shop on Harbord St, and Wil Kucey, director of LE Gallery.

With a mutual interest in the evolution of drawing and graphic arts, Hill and Kucey set out on an exploration of contemporary trends in Tattoo culture. With the growing interest, and impending opportunies to explore Space travel, a strong correlation is found to exist between space travel and the evolution of the sailor tattoo culture throughout the 20th century. The booming interest today in Tattooing today has seen a culture of creative and skilled artists rising to the top, with long term waiting lists and mountains of resources at their disposal. Using the connections forged in shops throughout North America and the Tattoo convention circuit, Hill has brought together a diverse range of contemporary tattoers and tasked them with exploring the potentials of this rising interst in space exploration and tattoos.