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Tristram Lansdowne’s new exhibition of paintings examines various modes of idealizing the physical world, drawing particular inspiration from 19th century landscape traditions, 20th century architectural propositions and natural history illustration. Archimancy seeks to unearth and resurrect abandoned landscapes to explore the potential of an unknowable future. Within this exploration, conflicting varieties of order intertwine to produce tenuous environmental microcosms. Lansdowne’s latest body of work continues his exploration of architectural decay and its metaphorical power within art history. Motivated by a desire to relate the intricacies of our surroundings to larger ideas and narratives, he constructs chimerical scenes that are admirable in their futility.

Tristram Lansdowne, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, observes the evolution and decay of our urban environments through his intricate watercolour studies. Intensely rendered graffiti and the uncovering of underground structures reveal a contemplative look at the contemporary environment on the verge of disintegration and reintegration. Archimancy marks Lansdowne’s third solo exhibition with LE Gallery. Lansdowne recently had his debut exhibition in New York City with Joshua Liner Gallery and was also included in the summer exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Empire of Dreams, curated by David Liss.

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