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On the heels of exhibitions in New York City and Paris, Nichoals Di Genova returns with Ultima, a new focus, and the addition of sculptural elements to his exploration of the chimera. Ultima will feature the first three dimensional manifestation of one of Di Genova’s city states. At 1:87 scale, Di Genova turns his unique brand of splicing and mutation from his drawings and paintings, to form a capsule of life in a day of his grotesque menagerie. The sculpture will be accompanied by the inclusion of his signature, ultra detailed manga meets Nat Geo drawings, detailing the taxonomies of species included. The urban area is large enough to include separate ethnic regions, such as the Homo-Avian Quarter, wherein the landscape, architecture, and local businesses have evolved to accommodate a type of resident who possesses both human and bird-like anatomy and habits.

In the early 2000s Di Genova shot to prominence as one of Canada’s first artists working at a time when the influence of illustration, comic arts and graffiti were beginning to find their way into contemporary art practice. His unique ability to draw a menagerie of evolved creatures with unique skill and ability helped capture the attention of not only comic nerds and Japanese toy freaks but also devotees to Bosch and the study of Biology. Ultima brings together a long term dream to build out a province from his menagerie, utilizing many techniques learned through artists and experts, but also informed by childhood model making and Warhammer strategy.

Nicholas Di Genova has garnered many levels of press, featuring reviews in Artforum, Canadian Art Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and The National Post. Nicholas Di Genova is represented in Toronto by LE Gallery, in New York by Fredericks+Freiser Gallery, and Galerie Dukan in Paris. Di Genova is included in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, and has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Works by Di Genova have been and included in exhibitions and reviewed in New York Ultima

Boreas, Guardian God of the Northern Tundra : Nicholas Di Genova Cyclops : Nicholas Di Genova Denizens of the Homo-Avian District : Nicholas Di Genova