Print and Installation based artist Genevieve Jodouin explores the intricacies of intimacy and relationships through images of moments shared by couples and the moments of calm experienced day to day. Jodouin creates prints utilizing elements from decorative floral wallpaper, figures alone and in embraces, and alongside various graphic motifs, exposing a tenderness and longingness formed, and lived, within the relationships with those around us. Her poetic images, often produced in series, weave a narrative through moments of emotional significance, such as falling in love, parting from ones partner, all moments of shared experience with her audience.

Geneviève Jodouin lives, works and prints in Toronto, Ontario. She received her BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design, in Toronto, in 2006 with a major in printmaking. Her medium of choice is serigraphy.

She currently prints at Open Studio in Toronto and has been exhibiting steadily since graduating from OCAD. Her most recent shows include installation based exhibitions at LE, the Premiere Dance Theatre Gallery at the Harbourfront Centre and a scholarship show at the Georges Gilmour Member’s Gallery at Open Studio.