A Visual Diary

A Visual Diary

Takashi Iwasaki

From September 25th to October 19th
Opening September 27th, 2008 from 2-5pm

LE Gallery is pleased to present it’s first solo exhibition with Winnipeg based Takashi Iwasaki. All of Iwasaki’s work, whether painting, drawing, or in the case of “A Visual Diary” embroidery, explore the malleability of colour and form to detail his day to day, a visual documentation of both emotion and experience. Born in Japan and educated in Manitoba, an underlying fascination exists in his exploraton of how icons from both background influences can coexist and manifest in his work. Building on solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the US and Japan, Iwasaki continues to garner interest as an exciting and prolific emerging artist.

Artist Statement

“Art making is an essential part of my life. I like being in a fluid state more than in a static state. I prefer to be able to work with more than one medium and I like to be flexible in my thoughts and practice. Thus my art discipline tends to explore a broad range of works from formal abstract to representational, conceptual, and symbolic. Shapes and colors in my paintings and drawings evoke figurative qualities which embrace a kaleidoscope of emotions.

Life is too short to take gravely all the time. I want to delight in what I can when I can. Having this as my essential philosophy, my goal of art making is to create a positive and playful atmosphere, and generate warm feelings of intimacy and substance through my work. My current tendency toward making smaller pieces with a multicolored palette is deeply related to the achievement of this goal.”