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Staying in Toronto? Go See Ontario Hockey Team in Action! Or Do Something Else…

Toronto is a city that barely sleeps and offers a wide variety of entertainments to Ontario hockey fans, gamers, and party animals. In fact, the variety is so wide that picking a single thing to do is nearly impossible. Luckily, you have this short guide!

Things to do while in Ontario

Here is a short list of things that you should do while visiting Toronto:

  • Go to the Royal Ontario Museum. Archeologic findings, paintings, and artifacts — you will see a lot of cool stuff when visiting ROM.
  • Visit Ripley’s Aquarium. It is a great place to go if you have children. Over 20 thousand aquatic creatures are waiting for you.
  • If you want some adult entertainment, spend a couple of hours in the Oasis Aqualounge. Alcohol, friendly people, and a huge pool. What else do you need?
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Exploring Niagara Falls and Ontario Lake

This mind-bogglingly huge waterfall has a combined area of 210 square kilometers. It is possibly the most recognizable natural attraction in whole Canada. What really cool is that you can stand behind the curtain of water after riding the elevator.

If you love water, exploring the vicinities of Ontario Lake will be a great way to spend a couple of days. One of the biggest lakes on our planet is so vast that it has several inhabited islands. Multiple settlements are scattered around the lake and invite tourists to spend some time in luxurious resorts.

To experience the pure joy of visiting this Great Lake, consider purchasing a tour. You don’t want to wander around and looking at the water mindlessly. Make sure to book a hotel and plan your trip.

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Gaming Entertainment in Toronto

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Popular local restaurants and bars

Travelling and sightseeing require energy! Satiate your hunger for good food and fancy drinks by visiting these establishments:

  • Real Sports Bar. This is a great place to watch Ontario hockey players in action without spending a dime on tickets. 200 TVs and strong alcohol will make your evening fun! This bar serves grilled meat and fish as well as snacks.
  • Casino Woodbine is possibly the best casino in Toronto with a great restaurant is also a good choice for those who want to spend some time near food and entertainment. Their menu features mostly European and North American cuisine, but you can also order something fancier. Special guests may receive a nice casino bonus.
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  • Alo restaurant will surprise you with a sophisticated tasting menu served stylishly. High French cuisine costs a lot, but you will never forget your visit here. Prepare for at least an hour of eating excellent food in one of the best restaurants in Ontario.
  • Meltdown e-Sports Bar is a place for gamers and those who love cybersports. Snacks, drinks, and video games of all sorts won’t let you die from boredom. Come with friends to cheer for your favorite e-Sports teams or play games. Even diehard Ontario hockey fans come here frequently!

Attend a hockey match

Did you know that you can visit Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant and get a chance to meet him personally? Ontario hockey fans love ice hockey and worship their best players like stars they are! Some of the best NHL teams like Montreal Canadians (24 Stanley Cups) and Toronto Maple Leafs, the Ontario hockey team with 13 Stanley Cups. If you love this sport, attending at least one NHL game is a must!

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