Nigel Nolan

From April 16th to May 3rd
Opening April 17th, 2009 from 7-10pm



My name is Nigel Nolan and I am delighted to invite you inside my installation, AMUSE-BOUCHE. Wil Kucey and I will be your hosts for this special occasion. I have created an environment that emphasizes fresh and raw provisions with the intent of providing internal nourishment. If you are unfamiliar with the vulgarities of art, are offended by savage content, or have no idea what I am talking about, now is your chance to flee, you coward. This work contains graphic imagery and text. If it violates the standards of your community or if you find graphic content personally offensive, do not come. That said, I know Toronto is hungry for this.

Your, Nigel Nolan

Nigel Nolan’s full gallery installation, Amuse-Bouche is an inescapable environment constructed of wall paintings photographs and works on paper. Nolan’s intent is to immerse viewers in an atmosphere occupied intimately by his practice. Produced in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, New York City and Toronto, Amuse Bouche includes a taste of Nolan's upcoming graphic novel, PNP HIV UFC D&G.

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